Zenobia- Life Consultant and Psychic

Combining natural psychic abilities with ancient methods of divination to provide clients with a unique and accurate reading


About Zenobia

 Clairaudient as a child, Zenobia has spent many years developing and honing her gift to benefit others. 

Well educated, she has degrees in Geography and Geology. Her love of learning and knowledge is evident as she has studied esoteric and metaphysical subjects for more than thirty years.


Today, she devotes much of her time combining her knowledge, experience, and true psychic gift to counsel and guide her clients on their life path. She is an international psychic consultant, teacher, lecturer, and world traveler. Her client base is diverse and spans three continents and several countries. 

 Zenobia has been interviewed by many newspapers, including the Toronto Sun, Baltimore Sun and Washington Times, and has been featured several times on Radio shows.  

 A truly sensitive and empathetic reader, she combines her natural psychic abilities with ancient methods of divination to provide her clients with a truly unique and accurate reading.  

What Zenobia's Clients Say


"A wonderful insight to my life, past, present and future. Someone who gives the direction of spirit guides to reflect what we can make of our lives."

"You are amazing! I loved my reading using the ancient method of 'throwing bones'."

"I really enjoyed my experience with you and your reading. It was a marvelous first experience for me and I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you."

Methods and Pricing

Psychic Methods


Bones & Teeth


Stones and Gems (Lithomancy Reading)

Numerology (Based on the Major Arcana cards)

Psychic Hand

Third Eye

Turkish Coffee


Phone Readings- $85 per half hour/ $165 per hour.

Skype Readings- $97 per half hour/ $189 per hour

(Skype Readings, please provide email when scheduling)

Email follow ups are provided after phone and Skype readings. A photo of your card reading will also be included per your request. Please allow up to 7-10 business days after the reading for the follow up email. 

House Parties- 6-8 people minimum, $85 per half hour per person. Gas miles are charged $.50 per mile if 30 miles or farther from current show location. Please see the Events page for yearly schedule. The host/hostess reading is included free of charge. 

Corporate Functions- $200/ 2 hour minimum. Each additional 15 minutes/ $50. Gas miles are charged $.50 per mile if 30 miles or farther from current show location. Lodging costs will also be required. 


Schedule of Appearances

January- February: Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, Gainesville Florida

February- March: Bay Area Renaissance Festival, Tampa Florida

(Depending on scheduling, the final two weekends Zenobia may be in Norman Oklahoma. Dates are TBA, please contact for dates of the current calendar year)

April: Norman Medieval Faire, Norman Oklahoma

May: Tennessee Renaissance Festival, Arrington Tennessee 

July: Aethertopia: The Greatest Steampunk Event in History, July 7-8

Tampa State Fairgrounds, Florida

August-October: Maryland Renaissance Festival, Annapolis Maryland

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Zenobia- Life Consultant and Psychic